Movistar + closes the case: there will be no second season of ‘Anti-riot’

Movistar + Anti-riot: Despite the good reviews and the open ending, the platform has decided not to continue the series by Isabel Peña and Rodrigo Sorogoyen

If there was a Spanish series in 2020 (with permission from Patria y Veneno, which were broadcast on other platforms), that was the Movistar + Riot Control. The production created by Isabel Peña and Rodrigo Sorogoyen received unbeatable reviews both from the specialized press (it was premiered at the San Sebastián Festival) and from the public who could see it through the platform. However, his journey ends there, with that incredible first and only season.

This has been confirmed by El Confidencial Digital, who affirms that Movistar + has decided to shelve the series and not continue with a second season. Despite the good reviews, Anti-Riot also raised certain blisters, especially among groups as radically different as the police (due to excessive use of violence and a bad image) and anti-system groups (for washing the image of the police) that do not agree.

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In this way, Movistar + continues with the cancellations of its last major productions, since the Riot Police is added to the Kings of the Night that was announced a few days ago. However, and to overcome this news, fans of both Isabel Peña and Rodrigo Sorogoyen can expect exciting new content on the platform.

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Isabel Peña, scriptwriter also of El Reino or May God forgive us, will continue on her way without Rodrigo Sorogoyen in El gran apagón, the adaptation of the famous podcast by José A. Pérez Ledo. For his part, Sorogoyen is preparing a new series, set in the Civil War and in which it will have both Peña in the script and Movistar + supporting the project.

In this way, Peña and Sorogoyen leave behind one of their most ambitious projects, such as Anti-Riot, a series that aspired both to capture the behavior of a police force in a traditional way and to investigate the sewers of the system. There even seemed to be a door open to a second season with the final scene of the famous ship Tweety (the ship in which the reinforcement troops traveled for 1-O) and the promise of more investigations by Inspector Laia Urquijo. But in the end, none of that will be possible, as Movistar + has closed and dismissed the case.

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