“Elite” Season 5: Release Date on Netflix, What Will Happen, Actors, Characters and Everything

“Elite” Season 5: Valentina Zenere and André Lamoglia will be the new students of Las Encinas in the fifth season of “Elite”.

The success of “Elite” Is undeniable, that is why Netflix confirmed the fifth season on February 25, 2021. Those in charge of giving the good news were Georgina Amorós and Carla Díaz, who revealed the surprise by means of a balloon with the number five.

Likewise, two new additions to the cast were announced for the next chapters. They are Valentina Zenere (“Soy Luna”) and André Lamoglia (“Juancas”). Meanwhile, Itzan Escamilla and Omar Ayuso revealed in November 2020 that the fourth would be their last season.

For his part, executive producer Carlos Montero said at the time that “I want to do 20 seasons of ‘Elite’, I want to retire with’ Elite ‘”, so fans of the Spanish series can expect at least a couple more installments.


At the end of the fourth season of “Elite”, It is revealed that Ari’s attacker was Armando, who was trying to prevent Mencía’s sister from telling Benjamin the truth. Guzmán arrives on time and at the request of the young woman, he pursues the aggressor. In the middle of the confrontation, Guzmán fires a flare gun and assassinates Armando. Despite what that implies, he decides to call the police to tell them everything that happened, but his friends convince him to reveal only part of the story.

The delivery ends with Ari waking up and telling the authorities what happened. Guzmán visits his ex-girlfriend, tells her that Armando managed to escape, and says goodbye to her because she will join Ander on his trip around the world. Meanwhile, Mencía decides to talk to his family.


The last thing shown is Guzmán, Samuel, and Rebeka throwing Armando’s body into the lake, but how long will it stay there? Will the police find the body? Does it mean that in the fifth season of the Netflix series they will have to hide the evidence of the crime?

On the other hand, what will happen to Ari and Samuel? Will Mencía return to Rebbe? Who was Patrick with on New Year’s Eve? Who is Elodie? Will you use Phillipe’s confession? Will that allow you to earn Cayetana’s forgiveness?


The fifth season of ” Elite ” still does not have an official trailer.


Miguel Bernardeau as Guzmán Nunier Osuna
Arón Piper as Ander Muñoz
Claudia Salas as Rebeka López de Gallegos
Georgina Amorós as Cayetana Grajera Pando
Carla Diaz as Ari Blanco Commerford
Manu Ríos as Patrick Blanco Commerford
Martina Cariddi as Mencía Blanco Commerford
Pol Granch as Phillipe Florian Von Triesenberg
Diego Martin
Andres Velencoso
Valentina zenere
André Lamoglia


The fifth season of ” Elite ” still does not have a release date on Netflix, but most likely the new episodes will arrive sometime in 2022.

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