Beastars season 2: Netflix announces the start date of the anime for Germany!

“Beastars” Season 2 is finally coming to Netflix! The new episodes of the anime series about Legoshi and Haru await you in July at the streaming giant.

The starting shot for the new episodes of the anime series ” Beastars ” was fired in Japan on January 7, 2021. Outside of Japan, as in season 1 of the drama series, the streaming provider Netflix secured the license and will also offer you the license from July 15, 2021, Germany all-new episodes ready on demand.

While Louis continues to go astray, Legoshi is experiencing a lot at Cherryton High. There is still no evidence of the killer and he makes it his business to track down Terms killer. His relationship with Haru is also progressing, albeit to Juno’s displeasure. You can expect 12 exciting episodes that finally continue the events of season 1!


However, there is still about time until the start of the second season. This is perfect for discovering the anime originals and classics on Netflix. Netzwelt introduces you to the top selection of the streaming provider to pass the time until the start of “Beastars” Season 2.

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