Laurie Holden (‘The Walking Dead’) will also be in the third season of ‘The Boys’

She will play the superhero Crimson Countess, a kind of parody of Marvel’s Scarlet Witch.

The third season of The Boys is already filming, which is not to say that the signings for this successful adaptation of the Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson comics have concluded. Until now the most media interpreter to be chosen to join the series had been Jensen Ackles, who after the end of Supernatural met with the former showrunner of this, Eric Kripke, to return to his orders in the new Amazon. In recent days, Miles Gaston Villanueva, Sean Patrick Flanery, and Nick Weschler, and now Deadline, have also confirmed their participation. echoes a striking new signing.

This is Laurie Holden, whom we met as Andrea on The Walking Dead (and we have also seen in productions like The Americans or the film Dragged Across Concrete by S. Craig Zahler ). In the new chapters of The Boys, she will play Crimson Countess, a superhero who is inspired by Marvel’s Scarlet Witch and who sticks to the cartoons would not have much weight in the story; originally it took only two numbers to be killed. Nonetheless, Kripke’s adaptation has always taken quite a bit of liberty with respect to the comic source, and this may also apply to Crimson Countess so that Holden has something else to do.

Laurie Holden The Walking Dead

Crimson Countess is part of Payback, a pre-Seven superhero group led by Soldier Boy (Ackles), who could be considered both a sinister Captain America and a “Patriot before Patriot. ” The appearance of this group will sow even more chaos in a season that starts with the promise of adapting the famous “Herogasm”: an orgy between superheroes that will further strengthen the strict age rating that The Boys shows on account of their generous amounts of violence and sex. Amazon has not yet set a release date for these new episodes.

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