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“The queen of flow 2” Chapter 45: Charly saves Juancho from dying in jail


“The queen of flow 2” Chapter 45: Although he saves Juancho, Charly does not hesitate to take advantage of every minute he has next to “La Reina del flow”.

BEWARE, SPOILER ALERT. After not attending his rehearsal at Gray Shark to accompany Erick in the hospital, Irma is rejected by Mike Rivera in the new episode of the second season of “The queen of flow”. The place of ‘El Huracán’ now belongs to Drama Key, who confesses that he accepted when he found out that she returned with her boyfriend.

Erick assures him that he will fix his problems with Mike and if that doesn’t happen he can go back to Surround Vibes. Apparently, the couple is going through their best moment, however, that ends when Yeimy’s son runs into Drama Key and he tells him what happened with Irma.

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Crazed with jealousy, Erick ends his relationship with Irma and asks her to leave the house. Will you approach Sandee now that she’s in charge of producing her music? What will ‘El Huracán’ do when he discovers his partner’s betrayal?


At another point in the second season of “The queen of flow”, Manín and Don Edgar organize to eliminate Tesillo and keep their laboratories. What will the DEA do to avoid being discovered?


Charly visits the jail to record his new music video and meets Juancho. Although he does not hesitate to provoke him by talking about how close he is to Yeimy now that he is in prison when he learns that he is in danger, he pays one of the prisoners to watch his back.

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After the failed attack against him, Juancho gets in touch with Charly and thanks to him for his help, but he can’t help but get angry when he hears that he will see “The queen of flow”, Who has already woken up and must go to his first physiotherapy appointment.

On the other hand, Catalina still can’t get a job, so she decides to look for Erick to ask him for help with Emilio. Actually, all she wants is money, for her painkillers?


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