“War of Neighbors”, will season 2 have on Netflix?

“War of Neighbors” is one of Netflix’s new bets when it comes to Mexican comedy. The fiction is agile, fresh, and very funny; in fact, many want to know if it will have a second season. Next, we tell you all the details.

“Neighbor war” Is a Mexican comedy series that revolves around two families that are polar opposites. When their matriarchs get into an altercation after an incident, little do they know that they will end up living side by side in an exclusive neighborhood. The fiction was created by Carolina Rivera and Fernando Sariñana (“Mother, there are only two”) and arrived on Netflix on July 7, 2021.

“The War Next-Door”, Translated into English, stars Vanessa Bauche (” Luis Miguel, The series “) and Ana Layevska (” The girl who cleans “). They are joined by Loreto Peralta (“No returns accepted”), Elyfer Torres (“Intimate Enemy”), Mark Tacher (“The queen of the south”), Pascacio López (“The goddess of asphalt”), Marco León Pol ( “Rosario Tijeras”), Isabella Patron, Christian Vazquez (“Cantinflas”), Sara Isabel Quintero (“The unusual catfish”), Armando Said and Cecilia de Los Santos (“Here and there”).


“War of Neighbors” is one of Netflix’s new bets and joins the long list of original productions of the platform made in Mexico. It is an agile, fresh and very funny comedy. In addition to being thoroughly entertaining, the fiction reaches some identifiable rhythms, such as the theme of opportunity and the effort to improve the quality of life. After the first season has passed, fans are eagerly awaiting news about the possibility of a second season. He’ll get it? More details about it below.


Regarding the second season of “The War Next-Door,” an official announcement has yet to be made confirming whether the show will return for another round. However, there is a great possibility that the streaming giant will renew Mexican comedy.

Season 1 reportedly began filming in mid-October 2020, meaning that a season requires approximately nine months to finish production. On the other hand, Netflix usually waits 2-3 months before renewing a series, and we may have to wait until September 2021 for the announcement.

That said, if the show gets the green light for another installment, we can expect “Neighbor Wars” season 2 to enter the platform’s catalog sometime in mid-2022.


In the first season, Silvia tries to force Leonor to sell her the house because she wants them to leave. While the two women are busy fighting, other members of their families are attracted. In the final moments, Ernesto and Genaro close the door on the women, while the rest of the members move in together. This suggests that the matriarchs stay separately in Silvia’s house, which is flooded with sewage.


If there is a second season, it would be interesting to see how things change between them. Although they do not like each other, it is undeniable that they live in their own bubble. This has been clearly pointed out by their respective families. Since the Lopezes and the Espinoza’s are forced to live in the same house, things could get even more dramatic.


“The War Next-Door” is on Netflix. That’s right, the streaming giant has all eight episodes of the first season available to watch on its platform and each episode lasts less than 32 minutes.


Chapter 1. The rich also cry: “Silvia, who has been organizing a meditation with a Buddhist monk for weeks, gets a big surprise when she finds out that the Lopezes are having a party on the same day.”
Chapter 2. Axi-NacaR: “Leonor comes up with an idea to settle the accounts of the mansion and blackmails Silvia for her purposes. Tere helps Crista with a risky situation ”.
Chapter 3. Muchach-app: “Diego teams up with Leonor to launch a business, and Silvia insists on thwarting his plans. Pablo gives crista driving classes to get closer to her ”.
Chapter 4. The Cachirule Classic: “Casta starts working at the López house, but Silvia wants her back. Ernesto asks Genaro for help to win a football game between offices ”.
Chapter 5. Nothing happened here !: “When Silvia accuses the López family of having to graffiti on her wall, Leonor takes on the task of revealing the real culprit. Genaro has his first day of work ”.
Chapter 6. The Cold War: “After Pablo rents a room for the López family, Crista decides to move in with them. Both families have problems complying with the rules of their peace treaty ”.
Chapter 7: Rappi-dín: “A Tantric Yoga class fuels the competition between Silvia and Leonor. Diego and Tere join forces with the aim of creating a new app to sell sex toys ”.
Chapter 8. Beautiful ladies: “When a supposed divine sign makes the Lópezes doubt about the sale of the house, Silvia launches the last plan to make them move.”

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