In the last episode of Bigg Boss, MC Stan and Priyanka got into a fight for lighter 

Creit - Instagram

Rapper made derogatory comments on Priyanka in fight

Creit - Instagram

He replied saying, do you want two boyfriends? Why are you telling me to come? I don't come

Creit - Instagram

The dispute between Archana Gautam and Shiv Thackeray had stopped

now the issue of MC Stan has heated up in the BB house 

Not only users, celebs have also taken a dig at MC Stan.

When MC Stan spoke to Priyanka about cigarettes

What is the misbehavior showing in Bigg Boss. Learning to smoke cigarettes

1st Gori and now #MCStan𓃵 ka darwaze raasta clear kar rahe Biggboss.

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