Archana Gautam has stunned everyone after re-enters the show. 

Archana fights with everyone on being stung

Archana who always finds an excuse to work in the kitchen

Now in the captaincy of Sajid Khan, he has flatly refused to work in the kitchen.

In the promo, Sajid Khan asks Archana to do his work

Sajid told Archana – everyone is doing their duty

Archana says - You tell those who have less duty.

Archana further says- I have not come here to be a maid

अर्चना का ये रवैया देखकर साजिद खान गुस्से में आग बबूला हो जाते हैं 

अगर तुम यहां दासी बनने नहीं आई हो तो फिर हम आपको महारानी भी नहीं बनने देंगे